Terms & Conditions


  • Don’t sit or stand on box.
  • Don’t rest crates on their sides or up-side down
  • Don’t fill crates with dangerous, hazardous goods or liquids e.g. acids, solvents, paints, oils or fuels
  • Don’t write on crates
  • Don’t force the lids closed, make sure teeth interlock and fold them down gently
  • Don’t store hire equipment in uncovered/unprotected areas or in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time

Loading Capacity

  • Crates are rated to hold up to 35 kg. Occupational Health & Safety regulations recommend 25 kg.
  • Please don’t overfill crates – lids should close easily and must never be forced down.


  • Full crates: stack maximum 4 high
  • Empty crates: open lids and carefully nest into each other – up to 12 high

Return of Crates

  • Please return crates in the same condition you received them.
  • Before returning crates please make sure that:
  • All labels are removed
  • All crates are dry, empty and clean

 Damage or loss of boxes

  • If there is damage or loss to the boxes the customer is charged $75 per damaged or lost box. 

Damage or loss of trolley/skate

  • If there is damage or loss to the trolley the customer is liable for damage or loss and will be charged $250 for the trolley.