How much is shipping ?

Shipping within the metropolitan Melbourne is free.

Regional Victoria shipping is $30


How long does it take?

After orders are placed, shipping is within 1-2 days. The hire period begins after boxes are shipped to the nominated address. 


Can you request the boxes for a specific date ? 

Yes, call or email the Muve-Box team to arrange specific dates. 


What happens if you Damage or lose the boxes?

If there is damage or loss to the boxes the customer is charged $25 per damaged or lost box. 


What are the dimensions of our boxes ? 

Height: 32.5cm

Length: 60cm

Width: 40cm 


Can we extend the rental time ? 

Yes, rental extensions are possible provided you contact the Muve- Box team within 48 hour prior to rental period ends. Failure to contact the team will incur fees.